Monday, July 19, 2010

Rothenburg - a little medieval town

The last day Ryan and Kelly were here, I showed them our post and the Grafenwohr post. Afterwards we left for Rothenburg. I had heard it was a cute little town but I wasn't prepared for how gorgeous it was. It is known as the best preserved medieval walled town in Germany. It's also known to be very touristy but I didn't think it was that busy or crowded.

If you look just above the arch on each side, you see wooden railing. You can literally walk around the entire top of the wall - about 1.5 miles total. We just walked up some stairs and looked at a section of town.

The organ inside and some statues outside of the St James Church. This church was much more simple compared to any cathedrals we have seen since being in Europe.
Rothenburg is the perfect town to do some shopping for German treasures. Not only is there a couple of Kathe Wohlfahrt stores but it's lined with shop after shop. I was completely in awe with this little town and I can't wait to go back and see more.