Saturday, July 17, 2010

Regensburg area

Weltenburg brewery

We had some friends from IA visit us this week. James wanted me to take them to the Weltenburg brewery but we didn't find the boat cruise this time. Instead the gps stated there was a ferry to take across the river right at the brewery and thankfully Ryan found it after we had trekked a bit. We get across the river on the ferry and wanted to double check if the ferry would be able to take us back across to the car. Ryan was able to finally decipher we could bring our car on the ferry for a very reasonable pice. So back across the river we went and Ryan got the car on the ferry. Now let me explain this "ferry" - it was a wooden platform with 2 sides. I wasn't convinced it would hold a car but it did.
Not a great pic to show it but here is the car on the ferry. I had my super zoom lens on since I thought we'd be doing the boat cruise so this is a far out as I could get.
The boys skipping rocks. Macen couldn't wait for this.

                                                Regensburg city center

Regensburg was the first place we visited when we got here. If you go back to that post in January, you can see the difference between the winter and summer pics. James here is a pic of the wurst kitchen in the summer - a lot more seating than we experienced.