Monday, July 19, 2010


After the castle, we headed up to Munich to see the city center
This was at the famous Haufbrauhaus. Your typical German music. Every so often they would to a chant, raise their beer mugs and drink. Well Macen kept a close eye on this. Ha ha! He would try to say what they were saying and then he would raise his cup.

This is the regular size of beer. They do offer a smaller one but its not as common to get as Kelly found out.

This is a cathedral but I don't recall which one. It is beautiful and just a bit different with its golden exterior than other cathedrals we've seen.

This is the New Town Hall we also posted about back in February. There is no snow this time and the pink flowers have been added.

We stuck around to watch the animation of the statues within the green area but we were disappointed. They were suppose to dance and move around after 42 bells rang at 9pm but all we got was 2 statues moving on either side where you see lights. You can see the one on the right.

Kelly got Macen to eat a German pretzel at the Haufbrauhaus. As in a true German pretzel, like our Auntie Anne ones in the states, so it is bread. He has refused bread ever since I gave him a roll at TX Roadhouse when he was 11 months - I mean really, who refuses those rolls????? So huge progress here. And I have since bought several and I give him half of one everyday now and will continue to do so. Thank you so much Kelly!