Sunday, July 4, 2010

Aargh, Matey!

We headed out of town yesterday with some friends and went to a pirate park. Macen made a dash for the pirate ship.

Within the rock formation you see the boys climbing on below there are some caves for the kids to go through. Macen was pretending there were bats and bears in them.

There were 2 rafts the kids could take from one side of the water hole to the other. The water was about knee deep for me at its deepest so perfect for the kids to play in.

The boys climbing their way to the top. At the top, there is sand and a water pump. Also there are several paths and such to wind around and play within.

James, you would have been amazed at how much Macen was doing everything. He didn't hesitate to jump these tires. He also went across the wobbly bridge to get to the ship on his own. He definitely wasn't as cautious as he normally is with new things. 

The pirate ship Macen loved. It sat pretty high so he couldn't get into it himself. You can climb the logs you see to get in or on the other side, you can see some netting to climb to get onto the ship. It's quite the step from the netting over the log though and Macen couldn't figure it out. He did climb that netting though but I think that had more to do with the little German girl he was playing with and following her.

Apparently we reached record highs yesterday so the sand was hot, hot, hot. These was a great play area with a little of everything.