Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ahoy, back to the ship!

We went back to the Pirate Park, otherwise known as the Piratenspielplatz. Macen has been asking to come back everyday since we came the first time. And I told him Friday night we were going the next day so what is the 4th thing he asks for when he wakes up (after chocolate milk, special k and Shrek)? Yep, the pirate park. And this was 5am! Kid, nothing is open at 5am over here and everyone else is asleep! Needless to say since he got up so early I made him take a nap before we went so he had to wait until mid-afternoon.

We went by ourselves this time and Macen could have cared less. He will walk up to any kid and say "I Macen, wanna play". This isn't working as well as he'd like it to over here in Germany. He's not understanding there is a language barrier and I loved watching that yesterday. It's this age when kids are completely innocent of their surroundings and they just want to play. Some German kids will start playing with him and some just stare at him as he continues to talk to them. He doesn't care, he just wants a playmate.
So we spent several hours there as the temp hovered in the 90's. Have we mentioned they don't believe in A/C over here? Granted they don't have the humidity the states has but come on, 90 degrees is 90 degrees.
If you are feeling sorry for me you can mention to James that he needs to stop taking me to places that don't have A/C. First Colorado and now here :) Love you husband!


James said...

Don't let her fool you folks, this time I made sure there was AC in the house we live in.

Shantel said...

It's apparent we aren't living in the same house right now :)