Sunday, July 4, 2010

30 Days down 335 or So Left

Well I've crossed the 30 day mark and I've managed to keep my sanity. Things are changing here and the Regimental mission is growing, morphing and evolving every day and that means that my squadron and my mission is changing as well. Somehow that now means I'm going back to the advisor role that I played on my last deployment. Right now as it stands I'm going to be working with a Provincial Chief of Police and his staff. Yeah I've been an advisor but don't they know that little brother is the cop in the family??? The only thing that I know about law enforcement is that night back in high school where I got arrested for minor in possession of alcohol that keeps haunting me every time I have to renew or upgrade my security clearance, isn't there a statute of limitations on teenage stupidity?

With all that said as of right now I'm going to be living at the provincial police headquarters with a small group of officers and ncos much like last except we didn't have the benefit of going through the advisor training at Fort Riley or Fort Polk. Should be fun as they learn on the fly. Also living conditions are much more "gucci" compared to what I had to put up with in Basra.

I have been pretty busy trying to get everything for the squadron's new mission and getting soldiers and equipment out to their respective locations. So there hasn't been much picture taking and my interconnection isn't the best anyway to be uploading pictures to the blog. You'll have to wait until I really get settled to see some pictures.

I want to say thanks to everyone who has sent cards and letters. They really do lift the spirits.

Well time to head for chow.


Joann and Hugh said...

Enjoyed your post--especially the comments about high school. Take care and stay safe. I remember the late conversation about that night.

James said...

The worst part is for the new clearance I only had to go back 10 years but in the interest of full disclosure I went all the way back to high school. The investigator took it ran with it and asked all my references if I had a drinking problem. Maybe he's seen the beer drinker with a triathlon problem blog. Too funny.