Sunday, August 29, 2010

Update on Mo

I took Mo back to the doctor last week for a check up and she decided he needed the surgery. So he went in on Friday and had his leg repaired. He came home with a bandage over his entire leg. I take him back tomorrow and hopefully it can be removed then. He has been fairly good with it or I should say it's still on atleast. He doesn't like it one bit though. The doctor did say he has a few more weeks in the kennel as well.

In the meantime, Myles has really stepped into Mo's shoes. He sits in our window and hisses at the cats that come to visit. He snuggles even more at night time now and no longer gets up at 5am to run around the house. Only because he doesn't have anyone to play with or chase right now. And when it's bedtime, he runs to Macens door and goes in with me when I check on Macen. It'll be interesting to see how the roles play out when Mo is free to roam again.

Update: Mo had his bandage removed and he is walking great on his leg. But he still has to spend time in the kennel. The doc put the cone on so he won't remove his stitches and he DOES.NOT like it at all. As in he has been pouting in the kennel for 24 hrs now because its on.
And the 2nd pic is just to prove to everyone that although Mo looks like he is a big cat, he really is all fur. He's pretty small under all that fluffiness.