Sunday, August 1, 2010

It's Volksfest time again!

The military post close by hosted a Volksfest in conjunction with celebrating the posts 100th year in operation. This one was much bigger than the one we attended in May and we had a blast.
Here are the boys walking there together. So cute! You can see the middle boys German attire known as lederhosen.

Macen enjoyed some of the rides. If you remember from the last fest we put Macen on a fast ride and he instantly disliked it. Well he wanted to ride that one again and another fast one. I didn't let him as I kew it would be a big mistake. He apparently talks a big game :) This last pic of him in the plane appeared to be a simple ride but Macen slowly got to the point where he was crying to get off it. I guess the kids can use the controls to make the ride go up and down themselves. Chris got them in the air and kept them there. Macen didn't like it and its hard to explain to 3 yr olds to come back down when they are about 6 ft above you.

They also had a jump house Macen and Chris played in. It was in the shape of a train but it had a decent slide they climbed up to from the inside. The boys loved it! Macen also played several carnival games and won some prizes. He played a game where you throw balls to knock down stacked cans. The Germans working it were great with the boys and kept giving them extra balls to throw. Then Macen got to play throw the darts at the balloons. While his darts never quite made it to the balloons, several of moms did so he got another prize.

There was a ton of food at the fest - both American and German. The American food were booths set up by different units or groups on post as fundraisers. Above is a pic of a German booth. This "grill" was huge, the entire size of the pit. I don't know what kind of meat they were grilling but they put it on a skewer about a foot long and then gave you a bun to hold it right in the middle. I wish I would have gotten a pic of someone with one. Just imagine this little bun with a stick of meat hanging out from both sides.