Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Our summer is over

I need to take a moment to complain. We have had crappy weather for awhile now and I kept hoping the sun would come back to stay awhile but it hasn't. And it's not going to, we are at the end of August. Our summer technically ended mid-July. Ryan, it actually left with you guys.

We have been averaging mid-high 60's since the middle of July with occassional days in the 70's since then. Lately, we are lucky if it's in the 60's. Macen is already wearing winter pj's and I've turned on the heater (well it will be on after someone comes today to get it working). Macen just got out of winter pjs in April!!! So all in all, we might have had 2 months of summer. Ugh!!!!

Apparently last August it was in the 90's most of the time. So 8 months into our European stay, I have to say .....I am soooooo not impressed with the weather here. It appears to be as moody as me! My husband will appreciate that :)