Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The life of Mo

It's Mo vs the great outdoors again!

He loves it outside and 6 years since his last rumble with the outside life, I started trusting him to go out for a little while by himself. (Remember he snorted a sticky plant up his nose from his throat and the only reason they found it was by prepping him for surgery, a surgery he didn't need.) We do not have a fenced in yard but he has proven over and over again that he stays close by and waits for me to let him back inside. This has only been going on about a month and it will probably end at a month.

Mo is looking at spending the next several weeks contained in this kennel as his knee tries to heal on its own. I have no idea what he did to it although my guess is he tried to jump up on a wooden partition we have and either he didn't make it because it was too tall for him or he didn't realize it is only about an inch wide so not wide enough to hold him after a quick jump. Anyway, I brought him inside after one of his outings and noticed immediately he couldn't walk on a hind leg. This happen to be Sunday night so we headed off to the local German vet office for an emergency visit. They did xrays and found he had torn a ligament in his knee and there is fluid in it. They will re-evaluate him in 2 weeks and see if he is healing okay and determine how much longer he will have to stay in the kennel or if he will need surgery to fix it. The doc originally told me 4-6 weeks in the kennel but I am hoping for Mo's sake that is not the case. He is not very happy about this.

And on top of that we already had an appt for him at the post vet for Monday morn because he has been pee'ing on our bed again frequently. The German vet ran some tests on him and he does have another bladder infection. So now he gets 2 medications a day.

I think there is an unspoken rule amongst all families that only 1 person down and out at a time, right?