Wednesday, May 6, 2009

We're published!

Last year I found out you can make your blog into a book. I thought this was perfect for us since time keeps getting away from me and I can't keep up with Macen's scrapbook. Or maybe James would say I take too many pictures. Either way, we agreed having our blog published would be great to have to look back on years from now. Who knows what the internet will be like a decade from now. And there will come a point when we reach maximum picture capacity and I don't know if we will lose our early postings.

I had our postings from 2007 made into a book but I went with a company that has since went under so when searching for someone new for our 2008 postings, I found And I have to say they did a great job. They "slurp" all the info and pics from your blog and then you can go in and edit anything to include the layouts for pictures, text and backgrounds. I kept it simple this time since we were in a slight rush to get it done. We went with a hardback this time with the cover picture being something major that went on in our life that year. For 2008, that was James being in Iraq. In 2007, Macen being born was our highlight.

So when you read something and it seems a little silly to have posted it on our blog, it probably is but we want to remember it. Here are pics in case you are interested in starting a blog. We're so official that our book can be bought by anyone if I had selected that as an option but how cool is it to be published!