Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A 2 year old? When did this happen?

I know I mentioned last week that it was hard to believe Macen is 2 years old already. It seems like not that long ago he was a wobbly walker and squealing. But here we are with a 2 year old that runs everywhere, is forming phrases and has strong opinions. His vocabulary is expanding daily although half of the time it's not very clear. He is using phrases like "Momma, you're home" when I have returned from somewhere or the not so great phase of "no that's mine". He still loves anything with wheels, balls and books. We read a lot throughout the day and Macen's favorite Dr. Seuss books are Ten Apples Up on Top and Go, Dog, Go. He can also count to 10 on his own.

Macen has recently discovered he can do fake hiccups and they are pretty funny. He still dances a lot and recently took up slow dancing (including the closed eyes). His favorite cartoons are Little Einsteins and Wow, Wow, Wubbzy. Macen loves when we go somewhere. It doesn't really matter where we are going but he excitedly says bye, bye and he loves when we come home and he spots the house before we get to it and says "we're home". We've started going on a lot of walks in his wagon and he loves when we take him up and down small hills. Maybe he will love roller coasters. We just finished a parent and tot gym class and have started another short session before the summer kicks into high gear. He loves it! The instructor is fantastic but unfortunately she is leaving at the end of this next session. Macen doesn't follow instructions all that well in class though but he has made progress since we started in the beginning of March. It's good for him though.

He is no where close to potty training. Maybe if I write it he will make a liar out of me soon :) I ask him almost daily if he wants to use the big boy potty when I catch him going but I get "no" every time.

We've been attempting to change his eating habits but apparently he is more determined than us. He has started eating raisins and hot dogs so we've made some progress. He does love chocolate but we are a little concerned he doesn't like ice cream. I guess we won't have to share our ice cream this summer!