Thursday, May 28, 2009

Little Gym Class

Macen just finished his 2nd session of Little Gym. He loves it but has a hard time sitting still and following directions. The slide and long trampoline are his favorites. He didn't want anything to do with the bar or ring circuits. The instructor has 2 circuits for them to do, then they get free time to play where they want and then they finish up with catching bubbles blown from a fan. The first 8 week session we did, Macen acquired an accomplice and neither one of them would follow the circuits. The rest of the class was busy working and earning their hand stamps. Macen's accomplice didn't come back for the 4 week session so he started following a little girl that always did the circuits. The 10th week he did a full circuit and it was also the only week he did one! He was more than happy to do 1 or 2 stations of a circut but he would just repeat that station over and over. We'll give it another shot in the fall.