Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo

We made the trip to Nebraska to visit the much raved about zoo. It was pretty cool and pretty crowded Memorial Day weekend. Macen enjoyed spending time with his cousins. His favorites of the day were the aquariums where he could watch the fish swim. He had to be touching the glass and when a fish would swim right in front of him, he would say "whoa". He has some pajamas with sharks on them so we pointed out the sharks and he got excited. They were able to swim over us since we were in a tunnel like aquarium and Macen would take off after them once they were over us. Thankfully he had his monkey backpack on so he didn't get far. Another favorite is the train ride. We visited some of the park by train and Macen was so excited to get on it. He kept screaming "Choo Choo" while we waited to board.
It was a really nice zoo and a great way to spend the weekend.