Saturday, May 30, 2009

2 Year Stats!

Macen had his 2 year check up this last week. And he is still a little dude! He weighs 24 lbs (7th percentile) and is 34 inches tall (36th percentile). The doctor expressed concern over his low weight and has referred us to a nutritionist. We don't think the nutritionist is going to tell us anything we haven't heard but we are hoping for some new ideas. I also mentioned to the doctor about how much Macen drinks daily and she said he was on the high side. She sent him for blood work to rule out diabetes and a thyroid problem. Thankfully, he is healthy as can be! So we have a little boy who likes to eat a little and drink alot.

Other than the continuous food battle, Macen is doing great. He is talking more and more which we love. It has a high entertainment value right now. Ha ha! His latest cute phrases are "I two", " I weet" when we ask him if he is sweet and "you momma, I dada" when playing with me. He has started singing along to the radio or music on tv. He still does not like when we sing along with him. Can't blame him either! Macen has started tickling us and playful pinching. He loves when we say ouch. I am hoping this new discovery does not lead to bad uses. He has become very attached to his friend Nik. He asks about seeing him every couple of days and gets upset if I tell him we aren't seeing him that day.