Thursday, August 29, 2013

Since School Started...

Maddox has been keeping busy. He was sad the first few days Macen got out of the car at school but he quickly got over it. Now he gets the tv to himself and he loves that. I ask him almost daily if he wants to go for a walk (he loves going) and now I get a stern NO. So I had to start withholding his morning juice to get him out of the house, lol.

He got to help make cookies for the 1st time...and reap the benefits.

Got in some shopping which means throwing a penny in the fountain and getting wet.

He only has to share the vacuum with mom now instead of mom and Macen. And yes he is wearing snow boots - he loves shoes, any kind.


Fun projects like breaking eggshells

And of course, the choo choos. He is great at playing it by himself but if the light isn't on in the room he runs back to me and whispers "darks".