Tuesday, August 13, 2013

First Day of 1st Grade

Macen headed off to 1st grade this morning. He found out yesterday there were a couple of kids from his kindergarten class in his class so he was pretty happy about that. He hasn't been overly excited about getting back to school and it was because someone told him they only got 1 recess in the 1st grade. When we met the teacher yesterday, she said there were 2, sometimes even 3 so he was pretty happy about that. I told him school wasn't about getting recess and his response was a shocked "Oh". He might as well learn that now, right?!
And he was even more excited to ride the bus home. He said it was cool.
I asked him several times how he liked school today and each time I got "I more than love it". He has  such enthusiasm about most things and I hope he keeps it through life.