Tuesday, August 20, 2013

2 years old

So our baby has outgrown that term. He is a loud, onry, adventure seeking toddler on the go. Maddox is now 27 lbs (50th percentile) and 35 inches (75th percentile). He still thinks he can do anything Macen does and is our little daredevil when it comes to most things.

Maddox knows what he likes and doesn't and has a can do attitude about anything. He has started talking a lot this summer and its fun to hear him say new words all the time and ask questions about things. His favorite word right now is "no" and its used for everything. He also says "awwww" when he is disappointed. He loves being outside and has found a new love for trains. Its all about the choo choo's now. Actually he has an amazement for all big transportation - trash trucks, semis, airplanes, buses.

Potty training is hit or miss right now but he does wear underwear at home. I just never know from one day to the next, how much the laundry will build up :) Mostly, I have to remind him to go though. He loves going to hourly care once a week and playing with the other kids. It took him 3 months to get use the routine of me dropping him off and coming back but he is eager to go now.

He sleeps with all of these and a pillow pet. Most of the time, I can convince him to leave them in the crib but some days he needs them all with him.