Monday, December 6, 2010

Not Funny Anymore

I don't know who's big idea this is but it's getting old now. I don't know the exact amount of snow we have gotten since last Monday but it's atleast 16". I shoveled the driveway 3 times today and it needs it again before we leave in the morning. Macen's school doesn't close for snow :(

I am running out of places to put the stuff. The pile to the left is probably 3-4 ft tall.

The patio table from the last 2 snows we've gotten

I hate the stuff but it can be pretty


Stacy said...

Oh honey.... I'm so sorry. It is very beautiful though. Snuggle up with Macen indoors with warm blankets and hot cocoa!

James said...

No snow in Afghanistan yet, but it's starting to get pretty darn cold. I had to dig out some snivel gear today. You enjoy the snow and some hot cocoa