Friday, December 24, 2010

He's too little to drive...

We were heading to school yesterday when I opened the door I found the car like this...with Jingles at the steering wheel. Apparently he got hungry in the middle of the night and went to Burger King. He must have forgotten where the car is normally parked because this wasn't it. He was suppose to pull straight ahead to the carport. Macen was amused but said Jingles isn't allowed to drive but he was thrilled Jingles selected a happy meal and Macen got the toy. Ha ha!

Jingles left Macen a note this morning saying he had to leave to go back to the North Pole to help Santa tonight. He did leave behind some cool Christmas pj's though. Thanks for the fun Jingles! Maybe next year we won't be sick so often and you can have all the fun you had planned for us.

ETA: We went to the mailroom today to pick up our mail and Santa was there. Ugh, I had been trying to avoid Santa since Macen's last encounter with him. Santa talked to Macen about being a good boy and then gave him a mini candy cane. Macen looks at it and says "Oh no, not a candy cane again". Santa felt bad and said lets see what else we have and handed him some gummi bears. I felt bad about Macen's response and said Macen had a tramatic experience with Santa and candy canes a few weeks ago. A lady behind the counter helping with packages asked why it was tramatic so I had to explain what happened and they all laughed. Macen is not ever going to live this candy cane thing down.