Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas!

The much anticipated dragons. Macen actually stopped asking for them about 2 wks before Christmas. He said all he wanted was hamm and trex from Toy Story. So I wasn't sure how the dragons would be received and Santa went through A LOT to get those things. He loved them and played with them all day ignoring his other presents for the most part.

 He also got some of the Toy Story characters he had been asking for.

Long before the dragons ever came about Santa had gotten him this castle and some knights to go with it. Macen has been playing with the dragons in it more than the knights.

After the excitement of opening presents was done and Macen had been playing for awhile, he opened his arms wide and exclaimed "This is the best Christmas ever" (You know because he has a whole 4 of them under his belt now :) He was thrilled with all the Christmas shows on tv and being able to play with his toys all day. It was a pretty great day with just 1 important piece missing but he was making sure Santa made it through Afghanistan without incident.

And here are some of the furry people. Santa didn't forget about them and Mo was very thankful for that. He loves his new toy and was wound up like a cat hopped up on cat nip the first several hours we were up. He slowed down to nap only to get crazy again in the afternoon. He must have been enjoying the Christmas spirit. Typically Myles is our crazy man bolting and jumping everywhere. He must have been feeling sick because he spent nearly all day under the tree. Mo had a cold earlier in the week so Myles must have caught it.