Sunday, December 19, 2010

Jingles' latest

Jingles had been on a short break due to Macen being sick for a few days. Prior to the sick days, Jingles hid candy canes throughout the house and that entertained Macen for most of the day. He found most of them before school but didn't find the last one until around 5pm. He is still talking about his elf hiding candy canes for him.

Jingles made a slide out of aluminum foil but Macen wasn't impressed. He wanted it taken down immediately much like the couch cushions and stacked canned goods.

Macen found Jingles taking a bath with marshmallows in the sink. He was highly amused by this and said we don't take baths with marshmallows, we eat them.


Granny said...

Jingles is such a cute idea, Shantel! I bet he remembers that all his life! Merry Christmas from Maryville!!

Craig Family said...

Jacob loves this tradition! I am so glad you are doing it. It makes the season so much more fun. Our elf is Buddy. hahaha Miss ya'll