Thursday, October 7, 2010

Zurich - a little Swiss chocolate

Post offers trips to various places within and surrounding Germany. Zurich, Switzerland was offered while Stacy and JJ were here so we drug ourselves out of bed before the 1:30am meeting time and hopped on the bus. As soon as we got there, we were offered a 2 hr walking tour of the city with a guide. It was great to have things pointed out to us and also allowed us to get our bearings for the city prior to our free time to roam.
There are 1,200 fountains in the city with drinking water. Macen found a few to play in.

The largest clock tower anywhere.

Ah, chocolate. Stacy and I had researched Zurich a little before we went and found this place (Sprungli) known for its fine chocolates and desserts. The place was huge for a chocolate store. James, picture Angelina's in Paris and times it by 5. We both got the the Top Ten box and it did not all. I'm not big on the variety boxes of chocolates but this is Switzerland and they are known for their chocolate. I mean, come on, they serve it on their flights instead of peanuts and it is delicious. I wish I had gotten another box even at its hefty price. Worth every penny!

 That is the Alps you see in the background. The entire area surrounding the lake was gorgeous.

 So I mentioned the expensive chocolate. Actually, everything was expensive in Zurich. (to include the $10 magnet I bought as a souvenir) There is a particular street here where all the big names reside much like in Munich. We did go into Louis Vuitton and look around. However, there was also a Tiffany & Co and I managed to stay out of there despite it kept calling my name. Had I made this trip on my own, I'm positive I would have ended up in there and probably walked out with a little blue box to join the others at home.

Zurich is very hilly and one of the places the guide took us was up a hill to get a great view of the city. It was kinda like a park where Macen got to run around and release some energy. They also had the life size chess games as well as some tables for chess players. This place was popular that afternoon since it was a gorgeous day.