Saturday, October 30, 2010

Cologne - the Cathedral City

Just as the title states, Cologne is known as the cathedral city. There are many cathedrals within the city but none compare to this one. It was absolutely huge! We didn't go inside because we had other things on our agenda for the day.

A side view of the Dom

Hard Rock Cafe

Of our 2 main reasons to visit Cologne one was the Hard Rock. This makes the 4th glass James has gotten within Europe. And we won't talk about what he ate here.

The Rhine River

Lindt- The Schokolade Museum
Our other reason for visiting the city was the chocolate factory.

She was dipping wafers into the liquid chocolate and handing them out. Yum!

Macen was beyond excited to watch the chocolate being poured into the mold, shaken and twisted to pop out like you see above and then wrapped. He was even more thrilled when the lady inspecting and boxing the wrapped chocolates at the end of the assembly line came out and handed him some freshly made chocolates. They were so fresh, they were still a little soft. Yum!

And of course at the end of the tour you can enter the chocolate store. Massive amounts of chocolate! Macen was happily picking out some from this bin when James handed him a bag and let him start filling it up. As I roamed the store, they went back to the open bins atleast 3 more times. We left with a decent sized bag half full.

Macen was SO proud of his chocolate bag. As we were driving home, I asked if I could have some of his chocolates and he told me "Maybe after we get home"
It was an extremely long drive to and from Cologne but James and I both agree it was totally worth it after seeing Macen watch the chocolates be made and filling up his bag. Priceless!