Tuesday, October 5, 2010


We made it to Oktoberfest and it was interesting. Masses and masses of people! Thankfully Macen slept in the stroller when we first got there and we were able to collect ourselves in the chaos.

 One of the beer tents. These places were incredibly crowded. I'm sure it is quite the experience inside but its not something I care to say I've done.

 Mascot from a local amusement park.
Stacy and JJ braving the loopy roller coaster.

Lots of people were posing for pics all over, all the time. So Macen decided he needed to pose as well. He wanted to get creative with his pose and amongst the thousands of people walking around us, he quickly hit the ground for his shot.

 Everything was very repetitive at the fest. The same food, games, rides and souvenirs over and over and over again (which is good considering the millions of people they accomodate each year and lines weren't too bad). Fun houses are very popular over here and this happen to be the same fun house we did at the small fest we had after the deployment ceremony. Macen was scared going through it back in May but he kept insisting on doing them here. I finally caved and he did fairly well. He was scared at times but made it through without me carrying him. At the end is a rotating tunnel you have to get through and Macen and I both got through it without falling on our butts.

Stacy and JJ on another crazy ride. This one went really high and those rockets rotated giving them an upside down view of the fest from above.

Lessons learned (because I know James will not leave Germany without going to Oktoberfest) - I (or Macen) will not go in a beer tent and we will get there when it immediately opens in the hopes of avoiding some of the crowds. And as you all have heard stories from Oktoberfest, I'm sure they are all true. We saw ALOT of totally trashed people. It is definitely something to experience!