Friday, October 29, 2010

Bamberg - beer and roses

James is on a beer journey while home (I know most of you believe that but if there is any doubt, check out his blog for the next several months to see all the beers he has found in the last week). Bamberg is known for it's smokey beers so we went to check them out. Inbetween trying beers, we roamed the city for a bit. Not only did James find some beers to try but I found a nice little chocolate store. Of course I made a purchase and we enjoyed some fine mint patties on the way home.

The Dom (cathedral) - it's pretty simple on the inside compared to some we have seen


Near the Dom, is a rose garden. Obvisiously, it's no longer the season for roses but Macen had a blast running in and out of the trimmed pathways between the individual gardens.

Pretending to be a duck