Tuesday, September 28, 2010


We took a cable car to the top of the Karwendel mountain. The cables go much further than you can see in the pic below but it was a cloudy day. From the top, we would have been able to see the Bavarian, Austrian and Italian Alps. 

Inside this tube is some info about the wildlife around the mountain. At both ends, you should be able to see down the mountain but we had a very foggy day.

There is a restaurant at the top we ate at and then went outside for some snowball fights. The snow was perfect for snowballs. So good they stuck to Macens gloves. He loved playing in the snow.
The view of Mittenwald as we are coming back down the cable car

Next we walked along a trail to get to a waterfall. We followed a small, wooden gangway along the gorge just like they do in movies. We walked quite a distance back to the waterfall which put us in Austria. We had a side view of the waterfall but hearing it and feeling the mist coming from it was pretty amazing! And as we were walking back to the entrance, JJ dropped his umbrella and it fell all the way down to the water. We had a good laugh at him.

A beautiful day of scenery!


Craig Family said...

nothing is normal is it!! love the pictures and macen!!! miss ya'll!!

Granny said...

It's so good to see pics of your adventures! The girls loved seeing their mom and dad and they had a lot of giggles over Macen and his snowballs!!

I especially love the picture of Stacy and JJ by the waterfall. They look so rested and happy!

Thanks for keeping us updated Shantel!