Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hahnbach's Corn Maze

There is a corn maze in a nearby town we checked out. It was the day of a kids fest but Macen only wanted to play on the stacked hay.

As you can see, there are 3 levels of hay. Macen started off jumping from the 2nd level to the 1st and then decided he was jumping from the 2nd level to the ground. It was pretty far for someone his age/size as you can see he had some issues getting from one level to the next. But he loved it! As I told James, I wasn't sure if I should make him stop or be proud he was being so adventurous. I chose to be proud. And we were already half way to Amberg where the hospital is so not much of a drive if we had to get there quickly :) Gotta let them live and learn.

The main attraction I was looking forward to was the corn maze. This thing was huge! At the entrance they give you a quick glance at what it looks like and then you are suppose to find 5 stations and get stamps on your paper. Then you entered it in for a drawing for something (language barrier issues again). Well none of that mattered because Macen was very upset I was making him do the corn maze when there were perfectly good hay bales to jump off of. I managed to get us thru about 5 mins worth when I decided it was too big to fight him all the way through it. So I left it up to him to get us back out as you can see him giving directions above. And don't let that last pic fool you, he was only that happy because we were getting out of there and he had been promised more bale jumping.