Thursday, September 2, 2010

1st day of preschool

James, the wrinkled nose is for you :)

Macen had his first day in German preschool yesterday. He seemed to enjoy it. It's in the town of Sorghof, right off post so a very short drive for us. I am opting to have him eat the lunch they provide in the hopes he will get over his food pickiness. He did not eat for them yesterday and apparently told James over the phone that it was yuck. Prior to preschool, Macen had been going to hourly care here on post a couple of times a week. After he got comfortable there, he started trying new foods so I hope the same happens in preschool.

You'll notice the days of the week behind him. He has taken such an interest in what day it is, time of day as in morning, afternoon, etc and the actual time on a clock lately. I made this chart for him to learn the days in order and so he knows which days he goes to school and he is so proud of it. He loves changing it daily and always tells me what the next day is. He is so eager to learn!

And to celebrate his first day of school, we made cookies for dad. Macen has helped me cook/bake before but this time he actually taste tested. (It could have had something to do with him not eating lunch at school and me refusing to give him lunch when he got home) Regardless, he tried something new and that is all I can ask for. He played in the batter for awhile before he got brave enough to try it.