Tuesday, June 22, 2010

This funny kid

Some days Macen just amazes me with what comes out of his mouth. Sometimes its way out there and other times its very logical but most of the time it makes me laugh. Today was no exception. James called this afternoon and he talked to Macen for a bit. He told dad he wanted to watch tv (I had been telling him he couldn't) and then he asked James if he wanted to watch tv with us. They finish up and as I am talking to James, Macen tells me dad said he could watch tv. I asked James if he said that and James said no. Macen continues to argue that dad did say he could watch tv. James and I laughed at him. I know kids do this but really, he needs to do this with his deployed dad? Ha ha!

And that wasn't the first time he did that. He talked to Papa on Sunday and was telling on me that I wouldn't let him watch tv. After we got off the phone, he told me Papa said he could watch tv.

Within 5 mins after getting off the phone with James, Macen starts telling me he can burp the alphabet as he repeatedly belts out fake burps. Ummm....where did he learn this?! He did spend some time at hourly care this morning.

And I won't even start on the conversations I've had with him potty training. Let's just say it's enough to give a comedian some goooood material. Speaking of potty training, it's going great. He's pretty much good to go at home minus naps and bedtime. He has went down for a few naps with just underwear and has done fine but since we are barely 2 weeks in I'm not sure he's quite ready. He has even used the potty at hourly care and at his FCC providers home so he is well on his way to being an underoo wearing boy.