Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Macen is 3 yrs old

I know this update is a little late but we just had his check up last week. Macen is now 30 lbs which puts him in the 27-29 percentile. When he had his physical done in Feb he was in the 9th percentile. That is quite the jump! He is also 37 inches tall which was in the 40 some percentile. He has done some growing since we got to Germany!

As I posted last week, we are potty training. Somewhat successful. He does run to the bathroom and occassionally pees but mostly its a false alarm or he is trailing pee all the way there. We don't have any carpet downstairs so we are just doing underwear and taking a chance each time. He's not afraid of it or being stubborn about it though.

Macens main interest still revolves around the alphabet. He recognizes both uppercase and lowercase letters, he knows which ones are the vowels, he can write all the letters although not completely legible and he even knows how to spell some words. On top of the words he could spell last fall, he now knows the variations of 'at' like cat, bat, hat, fat, etc. He loves writing these after he writes the alphabet, his name, momma and daddy. It's pretty cute to watch him write and draw monsters.

He loves being outside right now playing in the sand. He hasn't had much interest in learning to ride his bike though. Hopefully we can work on it over the summer but I think he feels the bike slows him down. He can get where he wants to go much faster by running.

Of course his speaking improves in very obvious stages. Instead of asking why about everything he asks "where'd come from" and his catch phrase right now is "wow, this is gonna be fun". He even said it going into the doctors office last week. He has also learned mine and James' first names and he likes to use them to get our attention. His favorite is calling for James when we were out somewhere. It's cute for now but we aren't going to let this become normal.

Macen started going to CDC (hourly care) once a week when we moved here and now he is going twice a week. He loves it! He also starts going to an in home daycare this week. This will be random when I have early morning/last minute mtgs. I have to schedule him a month out for CDC and the times fill quickly so I need an alternative for last minute appts. And if that isn't enough, we will start with a teenage babysitter this month as well. I will have coffees and functions to attend so he/she will be for evening care. Quite the change for us and I'm not completely comfortable with all of it but the time has come for this.

We love you little guy! Thank you for a fantastic 3 years.


Craig Family said...

I love the mustang! He looks so happy in the pool! I hope potty training goes fast.:) miss ya'll