Friday, June 4, 2010

Saying Goodbye

We left the house at 3am yesterday morning, taking James to his office and hanging out with him a little before we had to say good bye. Crazy hours, huh?! Guess who was wound up the entire time, lol. I think that big grin gives it away.

We had to say goodbye to James around 5am. I know Macen doesn't fully comprehend how much the next year will be different for all of us but as I mentioned before he does know something is going on.
About mid afternoon yesterday, we were hanging out at home and Macen asked where daddy was and I told him he had to go to Afghanistan to help other people. He responded that he wanted to go too and he was hurt when I told him he had to stay with mom instead. He then said he needed his daddy blanket. He picked up the blanket which has a picture of James on it, held it up looking at James and just burst into tears saying "oh no". I had no words for him and watching that broke my heart so I just cried with him. Thankfully it was a very short emotional breakdown for him and he was better afterwards. Before bed, he did say "I miss my daddy" but he was easier to console this time.
Here is the blanket we had made for Macen. It's small but powerful, lol. James gave it to him about a week ago and Macen became instantly attached. He sleeps with it and his blue blanket for naps and bedtime.

As we begin this year long journey, we ask for your prayers to keep James safe.

We miss you already James!

ETA: James has gotten to Afghanistan safely.


Stacy said...

How heartbreaking... Just know it doesn't matter what time of day it is for you or us, call anytime. Many prayers will be said for a safe return.

We love you guys!!