Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Santa found Macen in Columbia this year. He had been asking Santa for trains, fisher price trio and dinosaurs for several months now and Santa delivered on all those things. The biggest hit were the dinosaurs. He played with them immediately and they've barely left his side since. Thankfully Macen had been asking for small items since everything has to be put in a suitcase for our big move. We have a big gift packed away in our household items that are already in Germany. Macen is going to be one happy boy so stay tuned for those pics!
We traveled onto St Louis for Christmas Day. The weather was not nice to some travelers which led to us being stuck in traffic for an hour. In fact, we went 1 mile in an hour. But we made it to our destination and had a lot of fun, great company and some amazing food.