Sunday, December 13, 2009

Go Bearcats!!!!!!

Congratulations go out to the Northwest Missouri State Bearcat football team the 2009 NCAA D-II Football CHAMPIONS. This was the Bearcats third National Championship in 11 years and actually the fifth time in a row appearing in the championship game, they've kind of had a Buffalo Bills thing going on the last 4 years.

While I still follow and root for Mizzou football it's nice to know that there is actually a National Championship caliber college football team that plays in the state of Missouri!

Once again WAY TO GO BEARCATS!!!!!

One more thing, for those of you who don't think a playoff will work in the FBS check out how the other NCAA football divisions determine their champions. That's right it's a playoff system and after following it for almost 15 years now I still don't understand why the FBS doesn't adopt it. It works and the student athletes will be back on campus this week in time to take their finals, so don't give me the argument that it takes too much time.