Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Macen is 2 1/2 years old

(Look we found a way to post pics. Lucky you!)

And he is a handful in a good way of course! Lots and lots of energy is the best way to describe him. Now that the house is empty, he loves running in all the open space. We aren't much closer to potty training since the last mention of it. We'll tackle that after our big move. He is talking much more, a little clearer but still with James and I the only ones that can understand him most of the time. His current favorite phrase is "Don't worry momma, I'll...." - mostly it ends with I'll save you but he has been adding other phrases to it. It sends James and I into laughing fits. He doesn't really test boundaries with us. Typically he listens when we ask him to do/not to do something. We're grateful for that!
He loves going to Target. I'm very proud of that. Thats all :)
He loves hot wheels, trains and dinosaurs. He plays with them daily, over and over. He learned the entire alphabet over the summer in a week and is amazed when he finds the alphabet everywhere - street signs, tire wheels, shirts, etc. He can spell atleast 6 words without them in front of him. All thanks to WordWorld, his favorite show. He knows 9 colors. And that comes in very handy when identifying his hot wheel cars. He begs to go deer hunting with dad. We have to explain to him that he is too young and in a few years he can go. He responds with his head lowered and his lower lip out. He can count to 12 and can identify most numbers up to 20. He knows 13-15, says 15 and always ends with 20 but he doesn't say the others very clearly so I'm not sure he really knows what numbers they are.
Currently he seems to be slightly confused on our moving situation which is completely understandable. He has dealt pretty well with all of our stuff being gone within the house. He loves his kids areobed and I hope he is able to adjust to a big boy bed when we get settled again. We did get a new car in Sept and he continues to call it the new car, his new bed, new tent(James set up his tent in the playroom for Macen to play in since all the toys are gone). Are you seeing a pattern - everything is new now. We were at James' aunt and uncles house for Thanksgiving and when we woke there for the 2nd morning in a row, he stated "New house". It was great insight to what he is thinking with all the changes. We ask him if he wants to move to Germany and he says "No". Even stated one day that he was staying with Mariah instead of moving with us. He has gotten very, very attached to her this year.

He makes us laugh daily and we are forever grateful he is ours.


Anonymous said...

So long as the people he loves most are constant...not to worry. He's darling. Barbara