Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Holiday Masterpieces

We got a new tree that was shipped already with the intention of donating our old one to Goodwill. Well it hadn't made it there anytime in the last 10 months, lol so we decided to use it one last time. Macen loves Christmas trees so he was really excited to see it come out of the box. Thankfully it's a prelit one so all we needed was some ornaments. So we headed off to WalMart for Macen to pick out some ornaments.

And here is Macens masterpiece. We let him do all the ornaments himself.

I've been waiting for Macen to be old enough to help me with a gingerbread house and now we have nothing in the house to make one. So I got us a foam project for this year. Macen loves it! I had to leave mid-project to get some glue. When I came back home Macen held out his hand, palm up and asked "Got the glue?" He couldn't wait to finish it. Now he keeps sitting at the table looking at it and piling extra pieces in front of all the doors.


Anonymous said...

Macen is a doll! Sweet post!


Shantel said...

Thanks so much. We think so too!!