Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pool Time!!!

Here are pics from the splash park and pool on the ship. We had been telling Macen since the day before left he was going to get to swim everyday for the next week. Thankfully we all had swimsuits in our carry ons so Macen could get near the water immediately. In fact, the morning we woke on the boat Macen asked for chocolate milk first thing and as soon as he was done drinking it, he got out of bed and said "Go to the pool". He was ready!

Blowing bubbles in the pool - salt water nonetheless. Macen didn't seem to mind.

Macen spent hours at the splash park the last day. He doesn't like being in the water much when it is a deeper pool but he loves splash parks and kiddie pools that he can wade in.

This pic below was something they had dividing the pool (not sure why) but Macen liked walking on it over the water. He did slip a couple of times and one of those times sent him off and under the water. Of course, he fell on the opposite side to where James was so and thankfully there were some ladies watching Macen "walk the plank" and one of them scooped him up immediately. We didn't like him walking on it after that but the few times he crossed it again, he used his knees and stayed low.


Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

He is so cute! My son would have loved the water too....looks like you guys had a blast.