Sunday, October 11, 2009

Cowboys vs Chiefs

This weekend was the Cowboys/Chiefs game. Since we are from Missouri it stands to reason that most of our family are either Chiefs or Rams fans, even if I have corrupted Shantel into liking the Cowboys. So we got together a big group of family who are Chiefs fans, our friend Ruder and his wife, Kelly, a coworker and went to the game. What I found really interesting was all of the Cowboys fans that were there. I know that the Chiefs haven't been that good lately but they do still almost always sell out. The game was close to a sell out but I would say it was about a 40/60 split Cowboys/Chiefs fans, there was definitely a lot of blue and you can see some of it in the above picture.

This is Macen and Grandpa Hugh playing Redneck Golf, no else played since we were busy cooking, eating, and drinking. It sure kept Macen occupied though.

Our tailgate set up, we had brats, smoked sausages, chili, grilled onions and peppers, beer and of course hot cocoa. Our new cold weather tailgate beverage of choice is hot cocoa with Dr McGillicuddies Menthomint schnapps, its kind of like drinking a york peppermint patty. MMMM Good!!!!

Macen loved the football game in fact he was a little upset that we had to tailgate first, he wanted to go straight to the stadium. He was shouting first down, Romo to Witten, and Defense all day long as well as trying to play hide n seek in our row.

Not a bad picture from the next to last row in the stadium. When I realized that I was going to have extra tickets, I offered them to my high school buddy Dale and his little brother Drew. Drew's comment about the tickets was that Dale and I, as Army Majors, make way too damn much money to be sitting that high up and he promptly bought lower level tickets for some outrageous amount of money. After getting to our seats, I'd have to admit that Drew was right, I'll have to hold out for lower seats next time at Arrowhead and save the wear and tear on the knees of climbing that high and the stop off for extra oxygen.

The obligatory family picture. It was really really cold.

Check out Macen and his Romo jersey. This is after the game, and even though he liked the game he was ready to go home, Shantel put him in the car so he could warm up and he promptly crawled into his seat and said "I'm Ready", to go that is, he'd had enough and was ready to go home even though we were eating the leftovers and waiting for the traffic to clear.

It was a great a game. I was actually glad the Chiefs played the Cowboys close that way there was a lot of smack talking going back and forth between Mike, Hugh and me, made for a great time. The only draw back, other than the cold, was that there seemed to be a lot rude Chiefs fans, I got called an A-hole by some guy as I was walking down the aisle of the section to the bathroom and some girl called me a "star covered jerk" as I was waiting for the girls to get through the pat down line. Those weren't the only comments I heard just the loudest ones. What the heck? The only time I've seen anything similar in Texas was when the Cowboys played the Redskins and my old roommat Fitz , a Redskins fan, was there with us, I really thought he was going to get his butt beat, but then again if you know Fitz you know he was instigating it as much as the other fans were.


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"I'm ready." so cute!

I guess you are on your cruise right now - ?