Sunday, October 18, 2009


Cozumel was family day and since Shantel and I had been there before we thought the best thing to do was go on a beach excursion. This one had drinks and an all you can buffet included so it was an all day affair. Macen and I playing in the sand. I had thought we would build a sand castle, but more on that later.

Me posing with a parrot. We tried to get Macen to hold it but he just wanted to check it out and have Daddy hold it.

Here are the results of my sand castle. Every time I'd get one started Macen decided he wanted to destroy it. Thanks kid, I really appreciate that.
Macen showing off his muscles. We were trying to get him to eat and telling him he needed to eat to get big and strong, so he's flexing to show off how big his muscles are. Macen burying Daddy's feet. He thought this was realy cool and would let us bury his feet as well.
Macen is collecting sea shells and rocks from the beach here and he did cart them all the way back to Kansas.

A close up family photo on the beach!!

The full length photo on the beach.

Momma's turn!!! Macen is wanting Momma to look for sea shells with him.

I'm riding an alligator...Chomp Chomp Chomp!!!