Sunday, October 18, 2009

Key West

Key West was our first stop on the cruise. We had decided that this would be the one "Shantel and James" day since we had never been there before. It also helped that the ship did have a service that would watch Macen all day while we were in port.

This is the little island just off the western tip of Key West. Check out how blue the water is and the cotton candy clouds in the sky, sure beats the 40 degrees and overcast that we left behind in Kansas City the day before.

A picture of me at Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville in Key West. Shantel and I both enjoyed a Cheeseburger in Paradise, yes they came with lettuce, tomato, Heinz 57, french fried potatoes and a big kosher pickle, we both skipped the cold draught beer, I had loaded landshark lager (if you don't know what that is I'll introduce you to it at our next island party) and Shantel had a big margarita, called of course "It's Five O'Clock Somewhere". I can already feel the cruise weight piling on.

The obligatory picture at the Hard Rock Cafe, where we enjoyed a beer in the souvenir pilsner glasses and soaked in the atmosphere, This is the last glass from the states I'll add to my collection for awhile, I can't wait to hit the European Hard Rock Cafe's.

Believe it or not that house used to be government housing for the old Navy base at Key West. Nowadays it goes for $6-8 million on the real estate market. You don't get government housing like that anymore, at least in the Army anyway, and I'm pretty sure the rest of the services don't either.

A picture of the ship that we cruised on, the Carnival Imagination, believe it or not it's one of the smaller ships in the Carnival fleet, small doesn't mean boring though, it had plenty of ammenities to keep us occupied for the 4 days we were on board.