Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Jingles has been busy

Jingles went for a ride in a roll of toilet paper. He lept through the bannister and rolled down the stairs.

Watching the boys from Macen's underwear.

Macen passed his flu to Jingles so we found him like this right before we left for Cancun.

Silly elf! He trapped the boys in their rooms. How Macen saw this in the dark I have no idea but he managed to go under the very bottom one to get in and out of his room before he was officially able to get up for the morning. Jingles' assistant wondered after she had done it all how she was going to get in Maddox's room if he woke during the night. He has been waking frequently and she thought she had just made the middle of the night wakings more difficult for herself, lol. Thankfully it was a night of peaceful sleep for everyone.