Friday, December 21, 2012

17 Months

He LOVES Macen bike - has for months now. This is the first time he put the helmet on though and then climbed on the bike. He fully expects to be pushed around if he climbs on it.

Maddox putting a car up and down his pants. He didn't think it was so funny the first time and he couldn't get it out. Once I started laughing at him, he thought it was funny enough to do over and over.

Working on his fine motor skills.

Our silly little guy is keeping us entertained. He is saying new words like cool and stuck. And "mmmm" is spoken anytime a yummy food is presented. Maddox nearly has walking up and down stairs one foot/leg at a time mastered especially if it's just a few steps. He is as busy as ever and we love watching him go, go, go.