Monday, December 17, 2012

Cancun, Mexico

A Cancun sunrise!

The view from our balcony. In the far bottom corner there was a decent sized heated pool we spent the most time in. Macen loved it and Maddox was able to walk around in it as well.

Maddox did not like the sand at all ...or at least he didn't want to be sitting or standing in it.

This was the only way Maddox would play in the sand, lol.

Macen spent a good amount of time looking for seashells. We came home with some great ones!

"We are the people our parents warned us about" is what the sign says. We were highly amused and loved our time (and drinks) at Margaritaville.

We got a glimpse of what the teenage years will be like - Macen wanted nothing to do with us once he discover the Kids Club. The first afternoon he went and the second time I went to check on him, he was not happy, exclaiming "You keep coming back". The next day he spent most of the day there except when James pulled him out for lunch. They did all kinds of activities with them from games, wii to activities on the resort such as the waterpark.

The main reason we picked this resort! Macen loved it!

Jingles even found the boys in Cancun and left them souvenirs.

What a trip for us! Macen threw up the entire day before we left. He made it through the night without incident so we hopped on the plane. James and I were on edge if he would throw up but he did fine. But...Maddox threw up just as we landed in Cancun. Turns out it was just from being too hot and not from catching what Macen had. I tried to keep him in the room after we got the resort since we weren't sure but he knew Macen was in the pool and that is where he wanted to be. We had several more incidents over the next couple of days with each of them throwing up from foods they didn't like. And then Maddox started throwing up Wednesday night from having what Macen had before we left. Vomiting stopped in the early hours of Thursday....finally. Maddox was wiped out though and needed lots of sleep.

We took the boys to both Hard Rock Cafe for their pins and Margaritaville for drinks.  It rained on us Tuesday and Wednesday. Good thing about Cancun though is it was warm so we just swam in the rain. It was a steady rain both days with a good downpour Wednesday afternoon. We were in the heated pool and were already wet so the rain didn't stop us! The resort is pretty nice. There were different themes for each day like pirates, celebrities, nature, etc. The food was good but we thought the food on cruises is better. The waterpark was a big draw for us and it didn't disappoint.

By Friday morning, we were ready to come home though. We enjoyed our time there but it's always time to go home.