Friday, March 16, 2012

8 months old

Another month has already sped past us but we definitely aren't taking it for granted. Maddox is now saying dada - very, very cute! In fact, he is quite infactuated with his daddy. His empathy emotion is well intact. We've had several incidents with Macen getting hurt and crying where Maddox joins him in crying. Quite funny as we try to hide our laughter from Macen. He now mimics the spider with his hands when I sing itsy bitsy spider to him. Maddox got another tooth so his 2 bottom teeth are showing well with all those smiles.

I'm not sure he will be learning his name anytime soon. We all call him baby or baby boy.

Maddox randomly sleeps through the night now. I have been decreasing the ounces he gets in the middle of the night so that may be contributing to it. Regardless, I still get up to pump and I actually don't mind getting up with him anyway. It's our quiet time and I have nothing else to do at that time
except snuggle him. In time he will be sleeping soundly and I will miss these moments.