Monday, May 9, 2011

Outdoor Fun

One of the neighbor girls got a slip n slide and Macen took a chance on it. Enjoy the pics because it's not likely he'll be doing it again this summer. He had orginally went down on a portion if it with jean shorts and didn't slide well so I got his trunks. The first pic is where he started getting scared of it. And since he is the weight of a feather you can imagine how he flew over the bump and then past the end. It was placed on a steep hill so all the kids were sliding close to the sidewalk. As soon as he stopped he started crying because it was scary. I knew he was going to be mad but all I could do is laugh.  I was shocked he wanted to actually do it and then to watch him go through it was too much.

Macen got a bubble gun for his birthday and it is a huge hit. It has become a neighborhood fave since several kids have them.

The kids have been dragging hoses from the houses on the other side of the playground for a couple of weeks now to play in the sand and this weekend they realized it would also reach the slide.