Saturday, April 30, 2011

Party Time

We went with a Pirate party and it was a lot of fun. I made his invites on regular paper then soaked them in tea to discolor them. Then I put them in the dryer for a few minutes to stiffen them up and when they were fully dry I took a lighter to the edges. I rolled them like a map, wrapped them in twine and hung them on the invitees doors. Super easy and they turned out great!

The tent was a fun for them but it was really windy so it was blowing over at times. Evenutally it got cold enough we took the party inside.

We did a treasure hunt with nursery rhymes.

*Clue #1 - the itsy bitsy spider went up the ____ _____. They found a small treasure chest with empty goody bags and eye patches.
*Clue #2 - one, two buckle my shoe. three, four open the ____. They found rings and bracelets in this chest.
*Clue #3 - jack and jill went up the hill to fetch a _____ of water. They found a mardi gras beads and the final clue here
*Clue #4 - baa, baa black sheep have you any wool, yes sir, yes sir ____ ____ ____. They found 3 "treasure chests" pcitured above full of goodies to put in their bags. There was some pirate stuff in there but mainly it was Macens faves like pez dispensers and fruit snacks.

We had to light his candles inside because the wind was so bad. He wanted them lit over and over :)

And I need to show off my pirate ice. Too cute!

Everyone had a great time and Macen loved having his friends at his house. As I tucked him into bed tonight I told him he was four now. He laughed and said "Maybe tomorrow I can be 5".