Monday, May 30, 2011

He's Home

After several delays in the day he was arriving as well as several changes in the time, James is home.
Macen was thrilled to see him. He kept saying before the soldiers marched in that this was going to be cool and then as each group entered the gym, Macen excitedly clapped with everyone. After a prayer from the chaplain and a 10 second speech from the boss, the soldiers were released. James didn't have too much trouble finding us this time. We had an obnxiously large guitar shaped balloon for him to identify us. (After James' 1st deployment, him and I spent a good 10 mins searching for each other in a large gym filled with many soldiers and family members. I wasn't going to let that happen again). The friends we sat with also had an off the wall balloon leaving us the only people in the gym with balloons that weren't 'Welcome Home' or red, white and blue. No way could he miss us.

We are enjoying a few days of quality time before James starts reintegration and then eventually work.


Joann and Hugh said...

Good looking family. We are so glad he's home and the family is together again.

Jennifer said...

We are so glad he is home and safe!!

Stacy said...

Welcome Home James!!!

Shantel, you always have the most creative ideas! I'm so glad you guys are together again! I bet Macen is on cloud nine :)