Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Our Stuff Is Here!!!!!!

I'm sitting here typing this exhausted, drinking a beer and looking at boxes, boxes everywhere and the dining room table top leaning against the couch! This means we've got our stuff but I have absolutely no clue where to start!!!
The movers came today and it was absolute chaos. Only one of them spoke english to any extent and the experience was way different to what we are used to in the states. When we move in the states everything is pretty lockstep. The truck driver gives me or Shantel the inventory slip with numbers on it and we mark off the numbers with the box or furniture item that corresponds to the inventory sheet and they put the boxes in the room where it goes. These guys today just started bringing boxes and furniture into the house without giving us an inventory sheet amd really just dropping it where they found an empty spot. It was chaos. We had also heard that the movers wouldn't come back and get the packing materials so we are frantically going through the boxes putting stuff away so we aren't left with the boxes and saving all of the numbers tags for later inventory.
Before they left though they took all the boxes and packing material that we had emptied and told us to call them and they'd come back and get the stuff that's left. They also put together most everything that had been taken apart.

Right now we think we have everything, although I haven't seen my "Triplets" autographed picture of Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith, and Michael Irvin, but I really hope it's around here somewhere. Unfortunately they did break the toy box that Grandpa Scrogin built for Macen: one of the feet broke along the wood grain. Also Shantel's beloved bedroom furniture suffered some scratches.
Here's the pictures of our day.The living room before we got the rest of the sectional in. That was an adventure as they had to take the sleeper sofa around behind the house and through the back door since it wouldn't make the entry way corner.The upstairs foyer. It got much worse before the day was over.It took two truck loads to get our stuff here. They unloaded the first one and then went back to the warehouse for the other four crates. We've got way too much stuff! Oh yeah have I mentioned that it snowed another 4 inches last night? Shantel made me volunteer to go to Iraq so she could leave Colorado where it snowed all the time, what's she going to do to get out of Germany?The living/playroom. It also got much worse before the day was over.

Macen racked out after the movers left. The kid didn't get a nap today and we'll pay for that tomorrow. He wouldn't eat any of his doritos for dinner and if you know Macen, he hasn't met a chip he didn't want to eat.


Stacy said...

I wish so bad I was there to help.. nothing more than to occupy Macen for you guys! Hang in there. You will be settled very soon!

Joann said...

Glad that all of your stuff finally arrived. You'll find a place for everything. Bet that Macen is glad to see some familiar furniture. How are the cats doing with all of the furniture?

If we were closer we could help.

Anonymous said...

Gosh, but this takes me back.

It's progress!


jmeyer said...

Hey there, I am so glad that you finally got all your stuff, I hope you get all settled in soon. I will start working on a special care package for you.

Teecycle Tim said...

Hey James,

I happened upon your triathlon training blog. Sorry to encroach on your family blog, but for some reason couldn't comment or contact you from your triathlon blog. I love to feature your training on my own blog - Shoot me an email when you get the chance at Look forward to hearing from you!