Friday, February 19, 2010

All is right with the world again

I found the Hershey Bliss Dark Chocolate at the PX today. And yes I bought a bag! I think they had the milk chocolate bags in the dark chocolate slot when we looked before. A great day. James will be thankful. I had resorted to looking on Amazon for them and was contemplating using the subscribe and save option to have them shipped to me (via my sister) at regular intervals throughout the year. Unfortuantely, Amazon won't ship food over here and it appears they have outsmarted and their attempt to supply those of us overseas with items we can't normally get. James was making fun of me for having chocolate shipped over here.


jmeyer said...

there is nothing wrote with having chocolate shipped. Our Germann exchange student would ship me chocolate from Germany. I love thier Milka chocolate bars I think that is how you spell it. Maybe we can become chocolate pen pals.


Shantel said...

Chocolate pen pals, I love it! I have seen the Milka bars here so I'll have to get some shipped to you.