Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Magic House

We spent several days over the 4th of July weekend in St Louis. Believe it or not, I am from MO and have never been to the Arch or done much else in the St Louis area. So it was one of our goals while living here to see some of the sights.
First we took Macen to The Magic House. He loved being able to run around and do a huge variety of things.
This was one of his favorites. Of course it was since it invloved a ball and noise.
Macen has become obsessed with the alphabet in the last few weeks so this was a huge hit.
Sand is always fun especially when mom doesn't let you play with it at home.

He actually screamed when we directed him away from the water station. Safe to say it was a favorite!

They had a bubble room which I probably enjoyed more than Macen.


James said...

We couldn't find the static electricity ball I remember from when I was kid....Kind of disappointing. Macen did enjoy himself though